The stories behind the pictures - Images and anecdotes that give a tantalising glimpse of the danger and glamour, tragedy and celebrity, seen through the lens of a talented photographer for whom every day was different and every frame counted.

Published in 2021 by ArtCircus Books an imprint of YouCaxton Publications, Price:£30.00: Pages: 168pp
ISBN 978-1-914424-16-8

"The career of a Fleet Street photographer can be made or stalled in an instant...the millisecond it takes for the camera shutter to capture an iconic image that speaks a thousand words or just yet another frame destined to be discarded on the darkroom floor.

Stephen allows the photographs to speak for themselves but brilliantly lets us in on some of the circumstances, opportunities and fortune that framed the story behind the story.For most of my Fleet Street life, pictures could only be printed in black and white and there is something more compelling, artistic and engaging in monochrome. And boy did this book bring back memories."

Charles Wilson, Editor of The Times 1985-1990

"Stephen Markeson is, undoubtedly, one of the legendary photographers of the golden era of Fleet Street and his lens a witness to the making of history."

Ron Morgans, Picture editor Daily Express 1967-73. Today 1985-93. Daily Mirror 1993-2000

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